Paul Martin - Owner/Founder
Paul Martin – Owner/Founder

Hi, I’m Paul. I started Knackhäus from a basic realization – all people have some natural gifting. Everyone has some kind of strength or ability that makes what they do come naturally for them. They have a knack.

I’ve been working with people to help them communicate for over two decades. I’ve built websites, designed graphics, developed strategies and a host of other elements of the communication process. I have a knack.

What works for some people, doesn’t work for everyone. The best work I do is in helping a client find what they do well, and then give them the tools and support they need to do it.

Knackhäus also started out of frustration. I was fed up with wasting people’s money (and time and energy) making something that wouldn’t help them get closer to their goals. I have no patience for the schmoozing, six-figure promise that a lot of online marketers make. There are no true gimmicks when it comes to communications. You either connect and add value to someone’s experience, or you make promises that fail and cause people to distrust you.

So Knackhäus is first and foremost a consulting service. I meet with every client and spend the time to get to know them. I invest in them as if they were a part of my team, because for as long as I know them, they are a part of my team. From that relationship, I help them decide what they want to achieve and how they can make that happen.

Knackhäus also produces media for clients that include logos, graphics, websites, style guides, videos, podcasts and just about any kind of imagery imaginable (yes, wordsmithing is imagery, right?). I have worked with clients who have made more than a million dollars a year and I’ve worked with some that make very little. Everyone gets the same treatment.

Finally, I do all this at a very low cost. I’m not an agency. I don’t have a huge staff or a plush building to pay for. I keep my costs down so that I can help people get where they are going without breaking the bank. My background in the non-profit world has made me versatile enough that I can do most these things myself and  teach others to do them as well.

If you would like to find out more, please contact me and schedule a free consultation.