What is Content Strategy?

With the dwindling effect of interruption marketing, content-driven marketing provides a more effective use of most communications.

Best practices show targeted content gains more traction within markets. Content strategy finds those markets and helps you develop content that sticks.

The best content strategies work with a team of people who know how to connect. Using the right tools, your team can do the work that makes the biggest difference.

Any strategy is only as good as the responsiveness of its execution. Constant measurements help tweak the strategy as it evolves.

Content Strategy

Instead of interrupting consumers with ads or banners, content marketing meets them where they are. It then offers them something they value. Maybe they are curious about how to remodel a house or paint a fence. Content strategy leverages what consumers want with what business can provide.

For example, maybe you’re a paint company and you have a great product for refinishing wood that doesn’t require sanding and stripping. Sounds great, right? Old style marketing would make a commercial or advertisement talking about the product and how it’s better than the competition. Content marketing offers the help people need. It gives them an article on how to refinish wood. It also suggests several products including their new paint that is perfect for them to get the best results. Get it?

So content strategy is the process of finding the people who would most benefit from your product and then making a plan to help them. It really just takes your business back to the reason it exists.

Start making your content work for you instead of wasting your time interrupting your future clients.