Food Truck Social Media Management


but that isn’t easy

It takes more than just great food to run a successful food truck, but you already know that.

You have to:

  • Make great food
  • Find great locations
  • Get permits
  • Gather ingredients and supplies
  • Be consistent
  • Welcome people into your experience
  • Maintain your vehicle
  • and so much more that I can’t even imagine.

But none of that matters if people don’t know where you are and what you serve.

Food trucks have a unique challenge in the dining industry. You have all the problems of running a restaurant and the challenge of inconsistent times and locations. Brick and mortar businesses don’t have to update their clientele on where they will be each day.

Food Truck Communication Quote


Wouldn’t it be great if you could just make the food and leave the marketing to someone else? That’s exactly how we can help.

The average food truck is open 5-6 days per week. They often have at least 5 locations per week, but some have up to 12 if they serve lunch in a different location than dinner. That means in the average week, a food truck needs to communicate 5-12 locations.

Food trucks wouldn’t want to stop there, though. To be effective, they would need to represent their brand in many different platforms. That means great photos of food and locations, on custom graphics, highlighting their food with their logo, proudly displayed on every post. And they would need to broadcast this to places where their customers already gather.

The most effective way to reach your customers is through social media.

It’s just a fact of life: social media is the new town hall. It’s what people check the first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed.

It’s where your diners already are.

To reach them, you need to have an established presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And you can’t just pop in every couple of weeks. You need at least one post a day to grow your business.

Wouldn’t you love to have to have this kind of presence on social media?

Food Truck Social Media Example

The good news is you can have all this starting at $63 a week.

You’ll get everything you need to have an established presence on all three major social media platforms, including:

  • Professional Photos (a value of $300)
  • Custom Graphics
  • Branded Content – Your logo on every image
  • At least 5 posts a week on each platform
  • A custom hashtag
  • Keyword research specific to your brand
  • A hashtag strategy to attract new customers

That breaks down to less than $2.50 per custom-created graphic!

Let me simplify gathering the crowd you deserve and with a free consultation at