A different kind of studio

Knackhäus is a studio distributed. We are all professionals in our own fields who come together  to make your project work, without the overhead of larger agencies.

We believe:

Helping and serving are always better than selling.

Given the choice between trying to make a buck and trying to help someone accomplish their goal, we will always choose the latter. Why? Because accomplishments are better than extra zeroes.

We believe:

All problems can be solved creatively

Given enough time and mental energy, we can find a solution. In fact, that’s what we love. There’s nothing better thana great problem to solve if you thrive on creativity.

We believe:

Good design leads to good life.

We are thoughtful people. A well-placed word, a simple system, even a better vacuum cleaner make life better. Not just because it makes it easier, but because it makes it work.

We believe:

Ideas are more effective than assets.

We see it almost every day. Someone with little to no resources does something amazing, hurdling other people who have all the resources. We love seeing the underdogs rise up, and we love helping others make that happen.

Video Videography

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