WHY Find a Knack?

knack –
1a special ready capacity that is hard to analyze or teach
2a a clever trick or stratagem
  b a clever way of doing something

In the noisy world of marketing, your knack is more important than you think. It’s what sets you apart from everyone else. It’s also what builds committed fans. We can help you find yours and help you connect with the right people who are already searching for you.


The best videos start with better understanding. We take the time to research you and your goals (and your target audience’s goals) from the very start.

Brand Identity

Knowing who you are is part of your knack. When you have that locked in, the rest of your video and communications work comes surprisingly easily.

Video Strategy

From all the research and identity phases, we can design a strategy to move your business forward. Establishing real and attainable goals so you can see the value of your communications.



The better the script, the better than plan. We can write a script for you or help you develop yours so that it connects with your viewer and converts them immediately from the start.

Video Production

We create great looking videos for you, without all the intimidating gear. Our videos leverage the accessibility of high-end equipment and twenty years of video production.


You video will be delivered in the right format for every medium, from Facebook to YouTube to your website. It will all work exactly like that platform requires.

“It’s easy being different. Being better is much harder.”

The right research and the right strategy makes being better so much easier. That’s why we take the time to make videos more effective.

our Work

We’ve helped some great people. Here are some of our latest clients.

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