We always like to communicate how we go about creating videos for clients. This helps align expectations for both of us. It also clarifies the work and intentionality of each project for us. Just so you know. Not all of our projects go through this process, but they all benefit from them if allowed.


It might seem strange to call the first part of our process a diagnosis, but that’s the way we think of it. What problem are we trying to solve?


A lot of people think creative is just spit-balling ideas. For us, it’s analysis and synthesis of the problem to find the best solutuon for each project.


This is where we formalize a project based on creative. We decide on style, look, location, set-design, etc. to make sure everything is ready for production.


 We get our team of cinematographers, location audio, camera operators, set designers, and everyone else together and make the video perfect.


So much more than editing. The Post process prepares your video to be broadcast ready for TV, social media and web using the best practices.


When everything is finalized, we deliver your video, ready to fit in each place you want your customers to see it, formatted and ready to consume.


We have some of the best people in the business. From creative direction to audio post-production, we gather to right people to make each project not only great, but on time and on budget.